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Proudly Serving the Maritime Industry Since 1955

"No one shops harder for good deals."
                                    -Mark Usinger

A.L.Griffin's launch, the ALGRIFF

Our professional staff is ready and willing to aid you in any way we can.

Our state of the art quoting, billing, sourcing, and inventory system enables us to respond to your
quotes sooner, and and with our lowest prices.


A.L.Griffin was founded in 1955 to serve the commercial waterfront community, including tankers, freighters, cruise ships, tanks/barges, and commercial fishing boats. Over the years the evolving waterfront of Portland Harbor has brought with it changes in our industry as well. Gone are the grain elevators and ocean going warehouses, the Atlantic fleet ships from World War II, and the vast fishing fleets. As the fishing fleet declined, A.L.Griffin shifted our focus to its core business, ships calling on Portland Pipeline, as well as the other terminals in Portland Harbor. In addition, we serve ports throughout Maine and New Hampshire.

Portland, with a population of approximately 62,500 is the largest city in Maine. Despite the shipping volume in Portland Harbor we are still considered an out port by the shipping industry due to our location. Since many items are only available out of town, we sometimes require extra time for shipping to avoid additional charges. Our goal, as always, is to keep prices low and quality high. To this end, A.L.Griffin has developed an inventory of many difficult to obtain items that seem to pop up as short notice critical needs from time to time. This inventory is based on years of experience and our goal to keep your vessels on time and on their way to their next destination. This, coupled with our extensive inventory of the basics, make ship supplying a pleasant experience in Portland, Maine.

We provide delivery via our 40 foot, 12-ton capacity launch, or by truck as required. Other services such as ships spares and direct shipments are regularly handled by our company with adequate storage space and handling facilities. Our on site freezers and coolers keep your food fresh year round.

One of the pleasures of living in a small city is the cooperative nature of its people. To this end, we offer the following companies to assist you in repairs your vessels may require:

Welding, Fabrication, and Mechanical Services
Industrial Welding
Phone 207-773-8482
Fax 207-871-7008

Electrical Services
Laplante Electric
Phone 207-761-2446
Fax 207-228-2525

We are also fortunate to have a number of fine machine shops in the area. We will be happy to work with your staff to coordinate the delivery of needed supplies and machinery to your vessel. Our goal is to help you operate your vessel in a safe and efficient manner, and to serve you with a smile.

As with any industry, being able to contact someone after hours is critical. To this end, anyone calling our company after hours hears a recorded message with a 24 hour cell phone number to call, with a live person at the other end at all times. At A.L.Griffin we are here when you need us.

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